Hyderabad And Mumbai Jackpot Selections 24th February

Hyderabad And Mumbai Jackpot Selections 24th February-indianracepunter

Hyderabad Jackpot Selections

1st Leg: Trump Girl(1) One One One(3) Dancing Doll(4) Nayadeep(5)

2nd Leg: Golden Fortune(3) Solo Winner(8) Wings Of Eagle(9)

3rd Leg:  Marvel Princee(5) Southern metor(8) Yogya(12)

4th Leg:  Air Strike(3) Magical Skill(9)
5th Leg:  Vijay's Empress(3) Carnvil Express(4)   

MUMBAI Jackpot Selections

1st Leg: Momentum(2) Retained Asset(6)

2nd Leg: Trouvaille(7) Storm Breaker(6) Hunt For Gold(10) Missing You(12)

3rd Leg:  Intense Stylist(1) Mozart(2) Awesome one(4)

4th Leg:  Divine Power(1) Bounty Queen(2) Dazzling Star(8)
5th Leg:  Antartica(5)

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