Ooty Race Tips 26th May

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Ooty Race Tips and Selections 26-05-19

1 1100mts:    1. ONYX(2)---WIN    2. ROMANTIC KNIGHT(4)---SHP and PLACE
2 1400mts: 1. QUEENS HALL (1)---WIN    2.  FUN LOVER(6)---SHP and PLACE
1100mts   1. STAR VICTORIOUS(8)---WIN      2.  PARRYS GLORY(5)---SHP and PLACE
4 1100mts:    1. DRIFTWOOD PACIFIC(3)---WIN    2.  JERICHO(6)---SHP and PLACE
5 1100m:      1.  KINGSFROLIC(6) ---WIN    2. FREE FLOW(5)---SHP and PLACE
6 1100mts:    1. CERRADO(8)---WIN    2.  PRETTY GAL(2)---SHP and PLACE
7 1200mts:    1. SMASHING APPROACH(1)---WIN    2.  GLORIOUS LAND(3)---SHP and PLACE


Ooty Jackpot Selections 26-05-19

1st Leg:   My Passion(1)  Olympic Duel(4) Star Victorious(8)   
2nd Leg:  Driftwood Pacific(2) Exquisite Star(5) Jericho(6)
3rd Leg:  Free Flow(5) Kingsfrolic(6) 
4th Leg:  Rutbedaar(5) Catelyn(7) Cerrado(8) Pretty Gal(10)
5th Leg:  Smashing Approach(1)

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