Ooty Race Tips 12th May

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Ooty Race Selections 12th May

1 1500mts:    1. DREAM RUN(5)---WIN    2.  GANTON(9)---SHP and PLACE
2 1200mts: 1. BREAK THE SILENCE(4)---WIN    2.  RHIANNON(7)---SHP and PLACE
1600mts   1. TUDOR TREASURE(4)---WIN      2.  CHENNAI CHAKRAM(6)---SHP and PLACE
4 1200mts:    1. FULL BLOOM(2)---WIN    2.  STAR FLING(11)---SHP and PLACE
5 1600m:      1.  CASTILIAN(2) ---WIN    2. SUPREME FRAGRANCE(12)---SHP and PLACE
6 1200mts:    1. APALIS(5)---WIN    2.  HEBRON(1)---SHP and PLACE
1100mts   1. OLMPICDUEL(3)---WIN      2.  VICTORIA'S SECRET(2)---SHP and PLACE
8 1200mts:    1. ORANGE PEKOE(6)---WIN    2.  ONYX(3)---SHP and PLACE
9 1200m:      1.  STAR PROOF(3) ---WIN    2. WILD PASSION(9)---SHP and PLACE


Ooty Jackpot Selections 12th May

1st Leg:   Full Bloom(2)  Platini(4) Star Fling(11)   
2nd Leg:  Castilian(2)  Royal Currency(10) Supreme Fragrance(12) 
3rd Leg:   Hebron(1) Apalis(5)
4th Leg:  Victorias Secret(2) Olympic Duel(3) Merrywin(8)
5th Leg:  Onyx(3) Orange Pekoe(6)

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