Delhi Race Selections 5th April

Delhi Race Selections

Delhi Race Selections 5th April, India Race Com

1 1200mts:    1.  HARRY ANGEL(5)---WIN    2. ADORABLE(3)---SHP and PLACE

2 1100mts: 1. MISTER BEST(3)---WIN    2. MASTER BADAL(5)---SHP and PLACE

1000mts   1. TOP KING(5)---WIN      2. MASTER JEFFERSON(3)---SHP and PLACE

4 1600mts:    1. BLACK ROSE(3)---WIN    2. SHANE PUNJAB(1)---SHP and PLACE

5 1000m:      1. LIKE MY CHILD (3) ---WIN    2. ASHWA DHRUVI(2)---SHP and PLACE

6 1000mts:    1. ZAROON(3) ---WIN    2. NAUGHTY OR NICE(2)---SHP and PLACE

Delhi Jackpot Selections

1st Leg:  Miss Bullet(2) Mister Best(3) Master Badal(5)   

2nd Leg:  Master Jefferson(2) Undisputed(4) Top King(5)  

3rd Leg:  Black Rose(3)

4th Leg: Like My Child(3) Ashwa Dhruvi(2) Roses Are Forever(4)

5th Leg:   Naughty or Nice(2) Zaroon(3)


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